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Useful Links for Roman Catholic Priests For all those priests suffering from problems of Canon Law, injustice etc

GOOD TIDINGS Help for those in relationships etc

WEORC Help for those in transition, work prospects etc

International Federation of Married priests The thousands-strong support group for all married priests, with
associations in many countries and a newsletter Site for helpful advice, news items, counselling service and helpful links for
those thinking of leaving, in transition or married/ resigned. The UK-based branch of the Federation for Married Priests with many useful
links also a Spanish language site for We Church LEAVEN the Irish group for priests who feel distressed by the Church A group formed on the premise to bring all Christians together Voice of the Faithful. Keep the Faith but Change the Church action group A site which collects news stories about married priests etc.

Leaving the Priesthood After the title of the book, Leaving the Priesthood, this site gives great advice to all those contemplating leaving the active ministry. Site owned by ex-Jesuit Robert Barzan

American association of married priests

Canadian association of married priests

A list of websites owned by married priest couples Group of married priests who are available for ministry. Irregular, but, as has been often said lately, one way of standing up and being counted. These married priests are available to legally perform the sacraments where there is need. This is a UK association which welcomes priests who are married, to return to ministry. The all-in-one Christian Community - A Spirituality Web Directory

And one which I have heard about and trying to find is MOMM. A movement for the ordination of men who are called to the double vocation of marriage AND the priesthood. I have not been able to find this link, so if anyone has, please contact us.

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